And who are you?

Ellicot City, MD + Ithaca, NY + Nashville, TN + State College, PA + Quakertown, PA + West Chester, PA + Tucson, AZ + Gary, WV + Bielefeld, NRW, DE + Pittsburgh, PA + Shanghai, ZH + Beijing, ZH + Augsburg, DE + Mainz, RLP, DE + Monterey, CA + Mainz-Weisenau, RLP, DE + Heidelberg, BW, DE + ?

Where have you been? What have you experienced there? When were you there? Who did you meet? How did you get there? Where will you go next and why?

I know where I am now and when. I’m pretty sure why I’m here, though not so sure at an existential level. I’m working on the what and who and where next bits. They’re more than a bit of a work in progress.


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