Habits and projects

Now that I’ve been able to start working (yay!), I’ve said goodbye to my “practice retirement.” That’s what I’m calling the period of time where I wasn’t legally allowed to work and was running out of things to do. I took walks. I hand-sewed a skirt (I am a beginner at this and would like to pass on that chiffon is evil if you’re sewing by hand). (I’m actually not quite finished with the skirt since I cut the chiffon a tad too short and need to attach some sort of entity (or hem the lining shorter) to the bottom. That can be an ongoing project. Since I am in Germany and they don’t do Christmas stockings, I plan to make my own. That will be another project, but I don’t plan to start that until the fall. I also started a pleated skirt project. I’d finished a whole half of it before it occurred to me that maybe you’re supposed to stitch down the pleats on the inside of the skirt, not on the outside. Oh well, I learned something… I’ll probably finish it “wrong” (creatively) anyway and find some sort of workaround. (Picture of the chiffon skirt thus far. I don’t have any more of the stuff I used for the lining, so I need another solution for the bottom as I said.)

  Hand-sewn skirt project

The one really good habit I did get out of the period of limbo in the last two weeks is a ten minute fitness program (courtesy of Pinterest). I can do ten minutes between breakfast and leaving for work easily. Also, if time permits, I could fit in another round in the evenings. Between that and taking walks, I should be able to get my thirty minutes of exercise in each day.

“Das wichtigste Motiv für die Arbeit des Menschen ist die Freude an ihrem Ergebnis und die Erkenntnis ihres Wertes für die Gemeinschaft.“ ₪ Albert Einstein


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