“The lure of the distant and difficult is deceptive.
The great opportunity is where you are.”
– John Burroughs

After having spent the last week essentially waiting for a phone call that will break down the last barrier between me and my full-time job, I’m now moving to the next step and trying to contact them myself. No cookie yet. At first, I had enough to occupy me that I wasn’t really bored. Move into new place, get to know my roommate, stock my pantry, get to know the neighborhood – all its numerous one-way streets and little shops, mentally noting the various doctors’ offices in case I need them – and eventually settling in to feeling “at home” in a place I’ve only lived in for a week. That’s actually a talent of mine: Feeling like I’ve lived somewhere forever after a very short time. I still don’t really know anybody besides the people in my building, so I do have work to do on that score.

Last week’s quote on delay and pausing and reflecting is something that I’ve thought a lot about over the last several days given that I’m running out of things to do in my copious “free” time that is almost a vacation except that it doesn’t feel like one. If I get the phone call, it means I need to be ready to head in to work possibly on the day of the call if not the day after. At this point, I’m also half expecting an e-mail since I e-mailed the people yesterday around noon (but not a word in response as of yet). P.S., Dear SimCity, I love red tape. (Where’s my castle?!)

This week’s goal is to spot the opportunity/silver lining. I am definitely thankful for having had the extra time to not only get over my jetlag finally, but also to get my body into a routine of waking up at 7 am. (Or, as was the case this morning, 6 am with a leisurely nap until 7:10 when my alarm went off.) This way, once I get to start my job, I’ll be wide awake the whole time. I have taken the additional precaution of having several baggies of snacks ready to grab in case I get the sort of call that means that I can get the last of my paperwork approved today and be able to go right in to the office for the rest of the day.

If this good thing does happen today, then I will still need to adjust to the opportunity that my new job presents me. Unfortunately, after finally getting a human to pick up the phone, today is definitely not going to be the day, as the answer was to just wait until we call you. I asked for a hypothetical timeframe, but just wait and we will call you is still the response. Well, then, I guess I’ll go take a walk on this beautiful day.


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